G Certificate | G Mark in Turkey Paylaş

G Certificate | G Mark in Turkey


G mark indicating the proper building materials and products safely produced and is a sign used in Turkey. G Certificate Construction Products Directive 89/106 / ECC in the framework of the CE Marking certificate stating that the move is to fulfill the security features required to carry the building material non-compulsory. Material, commercial documents of attachment to the packaging material or materials used.


What Legislation on G Certificate in Turkey?


About provisions regulating construction materials will be subject to criteria related to the G mark, Official Gazette was published on 26.06.2009 by the Ministry of Public Works and Housing in Turkey. According to the regulation since July 2010 marking the launch of the G building material that does not contain is not possible.


G (Certificate) Which materials is imperative to sign?


If you give an example of the G building and civil engineering works Certification products, ready-mixed concrete and rebar are some of the products covered by the obligation to obtain the G Certificate.


For more detailed information about G certification- G Mark, you can contact us through our G Mark Istanbul consultancy office and G Mark Izmir consultancy office.

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