TSE (Certificate of Conformity to Turkish Standards) Certificate Paylaş

SISTEM KALITE  provides product certification service via our professional staff and auditors. Our company aims to increase the competitiveness in Turkey, simplification export on national and international levels.Thus we adopt the principles as independency, impartiality, efficiency and reliability.


We offer quite important product certifications with experience of 18 years including TSE certification.TSE certificate; It shows that get sufficiency to fabrication certificate which determines suitable to Turkish standard . It is used the TSE emblem on the product to indicate its trademark, class, genre, and type. The validity period is limited to one year.


Turkish standards is used as common and Turkish clients are become aware of      mandatory requirements of standards. TSE marking system has started since 1964 and it developed quickly. Regulations have been made in order to operate the trademarks numbered 556 on the Turkish Decree-Law.




  1. Formal certificate that identifies legal situation of institutes application (notary confirming) 
  2. Representative of institutes application and person who is authority for signature (notary confirming) 
  3. Marking registration certificate (product and /or packing as used )
  4. If applying organization and producer organization is different, contract done between them.
  5. Initially purpose of TSE is that producers should produce as suitable to standard to increase quality level and life and goods safety of consumers should be protected. 


How to get TSE certificate?


TSE document retrieval, first production site in determining whether there is a system for ensuring quality control and continuity is provided. Try it predicted that the production standards and location analysis and examination is carried out. If the test result and be in accordance with the examination results of the production site analysis, the validity period of one (1) year with the TSE Certificate is issued.


SISTEM KALITE has been operating in the areas of Product certification, food safety certification and training/support activities, since 1999 in Turkey. TSE Certificate offices are available in many cities in Turkey such as TSE consulting office Istanbul and TSE consulting office İzmir. You may contact us via these office or online.

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