UL (Underwriters Laboratories) Mark Paylaş

UL Mark | UL Certification in Turkey

What is UL  Mark?

UL Mark is an independent product safety certificate. The certificate is of great importance for product safety.  The mark is mainly required on the US and Canadian market for exporting. It is a document that carries out product tests and conformity examination and does not carry any profit also it is aimed to do technical research on product safety. It develops testing procedures and standards for products, materials, components, tools, assemblies and equipment.

The UL mark has been professionalized on security reviews for electrical and electronic field since 1894. A few years later, UL made the first safety standards. His work was followed by a 1905 fire extinguisher. Afterwards, like the TSE brand in our country, the UL certificate has become a brand with great importance for product safety.

What are the products covered by UL Certificate?

Products covered by UL Mark relevance are as follows.

  • appliances and computer equipment,
  • furnaces and heaters,
  • fuses,
  • electrical panelboards,
  • smoke and carbon monoxide detectors,
  • fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems,
  • personal flotation devices like life jackets and life preservers,
  • bullet resistant glass and thousands of other products.

How to get UL Mark in Turkey ?

Organizations wishing to obtain UL certificate in response to the question " How to get UL Mark  " need to build and operate this standard in their own companies. In the next step, please apply to our SISTEM KALITE UL Mark organization's İzmir or İstanbul offices in Turkey. You may have UL Certificate with our contact activities.

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