ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Paylaş

ISO 27001 Information Security Management System in Turkey

ISO 27001 in Turkey

There is a remedy when a tangible asset is lost, but the compensation of the lost information is not possible. Information Security Management System provides that electronic data security. Having ISO 27001 certification is crucial to ensure the security information of organizations. In this way security risks are reduced and utilization of system deficiencies is prevented. Whatever the size of the operator, it does not matter; The information security system is required to ensure the confidentiality, accessibility and the integrity of information of all institutions or organizations in need of information.

ISO 27001 Information Security Management document provide that prove the existing information security in institution or organizations.  However organizations that attach importance to information security are not required to obtain documentation.Even a small security failure will cause very high costs, these costs may reduce with implementation of controls.

Benefits of ISO 27001 Information Security Management System in Turkey

  • Protects image of institutes
  • Provides warrant to clients that their information is secure
  • Provides cost savings
  • It needs you to identify risks to your information and ensures to take measures.
  • Take action to new and urgent security risks
  • It ensures that clients have access to information when they need it
  • It makes sure you continually improve your information security conditions
  • Ensures to improved internal organization
  • Better visibility of risks amongst interested partners
  • Meet customers' requirements
  • Reduce third party examinition of your information security requirements
  • Obtain advantages between competitors.
  • Ensures to mproved information security awareness
  • It will be commitment to information security at all levels throughout an organization
  • Reduces related staff security issues  

How to get ISO 27001 in Turkey?

How to get ISO 27001, SISTEM KALITE Certification in Consulting And Testing We help you as a company. Certification is carried out following specific processes. This process is made possible by ensuring that when the ISO 27001 system independent and accredited SISTEM KALITE Certification and Testing Consultancy organization with our success than 2 audit to be conducted by the transition to, and this continuity will be applied in the workplace of a delivery. In Turkey

How to get ISO 27001 certification? As mentioned, the topic will be covered by certain processes. If we explain the process step-shaped intake with the ISO 27001 Quality System in Turkey,
  1. Document requesting company for ISO 27001 Information Security standard shall apply to the Quality System.
  2. Our company Quality System, ISO 27001 Information Security Management makes a conformity assessment audit to determine whether it meets the requirements of the standards.
  3. It was established as a result of the ISO 27001 audit decides that meet the requirements of information security management system at the organization's information security system to be certified.
  4. In this process the organization is entitled to use the certificate ISO 27001. 
  5. After the certification of the organization's information security system to check that it continues to fulfill the requirements of ISO 27001 by our organization, at certain intervals (not exceeding 12 months), we would have surveillance audits.
  6. Taken one or two times this document next year, reviewing analyzes done for the renewal according to the period determined by the agencies
  7. received this certificate is valid for 3 years and then the 3rd year your progress over time re-certification by examination we will revise.

SISTEM KALITE has been operating in the areas of  Quality management systems (ISO 27001 Information Security Management System), product certification, food safety certification and training/support activities, since 1999 in Turkey. ISO 27001 offices are available in many cities in Turkey suc as ISO 27001 Istanbul and Iso 27001 İzmir. You may contact us via these office or online..

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