GLOBALGAP Certification Paylaş

GLOBALGAP Certification in Turkey


GLOBALGAP is one of standards for food safety and good production practices. GlobalGap standard is created for the requirements that has closely connected to recent evolutions in agricultural and market gardening businesses in terms of food safety. GLOBALGAP aims to satisfy the consumers' requirements for improved safety of agricultural practises which should be adoptived by producers.


The benefits of GLOBALGAP standards, certification and regulations are covering a large number of food quality and safety improvement such as making it simple of market access and decreasing in non-compliance risks regarding warranted pesticides, contamination hazards.


Benefits of GlobalGAP


  1. To satisfy needs of domestic and international markets
  2. Providing the safety of agricultural products
  3. Ensuring lower costs and increase the quality of agricultural products
  4. Effective use and sustainable agricultural production resources
  5. Providing rural development 


One of the main difficulties about GLOBALGAP implementation is record keeping. Also the other challenges are residue testing and certification, and inadequate access to information and support services. Therefore Sistem Kalite company understands all these issues and offers consultancy services can perform the necessary audits to help you achieve GLOBALGAP Certification. You may available our consulting İzmir GLOBALGAP office and İstanbul office for acquiring this certification in Turkey.

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