ISO 22716 Paylaş

ISO 22716 in Turkey

ISO 22716 is a standard created to ensure the safety of cosmetic products. Cosmetics production processes and raw materials used in production, the determination of excipient and implementation is extremely important. In this context they can use with confidence of the people must be the realization of certain manufacturing standards.


Reliability of cosmetics manufacturers always, wholesalers and local authorities who are engaged in the event of an issue. This situation has become more serious cases by the number of companies performing production and increasing product diversity. At various times, to provide for the safety of cosmetic products, it has created a large number of standards in the international arena. ISO 22716 system cosmetic good manufacturing practice standards is such a need occur issue. The standard is leading the cosmetic and personal care products industry.


Cosmetic products directly affect human health. This means that cosmetic products must be manufactured on reliable terms and standards. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards can also be applied to produce efficient and reliable products. 


Acquisition Process  of  ISO 22716 Cosmetic Good Manufacturing


You can get the ISO 22716 certificate with our intermediary as ISO 22716 procurement process system quality certification and consultancy establishment.


First apply to my firm. Our company is serving you in Turkey through ISO 22716 Istanbul and ISO 22716 Izmir offices. Or you can apply online. The ISO 22716 certification process is carried out in two stages by our firm.


The first stage will be on the documents that the company has prepared during the installation of the system. We request that this process, which is a preliminary study, be rectified by communicating any shortcomings or mistakes that we see before the actual investigation.


The second step is to conduct a real review of the work of the auditor and the firm. In this process, it is observed how well the company demonstrates to the ISO 22716 standard. After the audit, the auditors form a report. If our company judges that it deserves to receive the certificate by looking at the report results, we will arrange the ISO 22716 cosmetic good manufacturing practices system certificate and deliver the company.

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