HACCP Certification Paylaş

HACCP Certification in Turkey

HACCP certification aims most effective method of preventing food contamination from chemical, microbiological and physical hazards that is considered one of most internationally recognized and trusted safety standards in the food industry.

Benefits of HACCP Food Safety Standard in Turkey

  • Your organization can take the first step to being part of a growing and developing industry via HACCP.
  • The food industry opportunities can open their doors
  • HACCP is globally recognized and lets your customers know that your produts are safe for consumption.
  • HACCP is recognized in worldwide and having HACCP standard ensures that your customers know that your products are safe for consumption.
  • Having a HACCP certification may increase possibility of the saleability of your products in the global marketplace.


HACCP system basically helps food industry services to develop and evaluate the safety and quality of the operation process. Improve your food safety management and product quality with an HACCP certification from Sistem Kalite. The certificate will be issued based on the conformity of general requirements of HACCP via Sistem Kalite. 


Sistem Kalite company is one of the most known in Turkey which offers quality services. We have experienced staff who can help you formulate a food safety management system. We recommend you contact with us where does not matter you are. Our consulting services can assist you in implementing HACCP standards from  İzmir and İstanbul office in Turkey.

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