ISO 16949 Automotive Quality Management System Paylaş

ISO 16949 Automotive Quality Management System in Turkey

ISO 16949 is a Quality Management System for the automotive sector. It is a standard that combines with the global automotive industry that existing US, French, German and Italian automotive quality standard. It determines the quality system requirements for design, development, production, installation and maintenance of automotive related objects.

ISO 16949 Automotive Sector Quality Management System was  published first time in March 1999 and revised in 2002 and 2009. Nowodays there are more than 47,500 documents in organizations of Europe, America and Asia. ISO 16949 Quality Management System meets customer requirements based on ISO 9001 standard. It aims to constantly improvement and to eliminate deficiencies. ISO / TS 16949 applies to all small or large companies in all parts of the world and might be supplied by organizations that all kinds of automotive needs. However, it is aplied only by the installations where the manufacturing and service processes are manufactured for the original equipment market.

 Benefits of ISO 16949 in Turkey

  • Benefits of ISO 16949 Automotive Sector Quality Management System in Turkey
  • It will be guaranteed easy marketing
  • It provides better reputation and image
  • A company that provides the best quality between competitors
  • It ensure better efficiency; having better efficiency within the system. T
  • It ensure to reduce your losses and increase the profitability of the company.
  • An organization that has ISO 16949 will be achieved the level of large organizations so the organizations ensure a global expansionin.
  • It will assist new employees learn the working immediately with the technique.

How get a ISO 16949 in Turkey ?    

It aims to identify the necessary elements for quality service in an organization and to make this organization well accepted company in the world. Int this regards, , Sistem Kalite Iso 16949 Documentation and Test Consultancy company supports who want to establishe or review ISO 16949 Quality Management System via our offices in Turkey. You may contact us over Iso 16949 İstanbul and Iso 16949 İzmir or online.

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