ISO 16001 Energy Management System Paylaş

ISO 16001 Energy Management System in Turkey

ISO 16001 Energy Management System damages and seeks to minimize costs. It is an international management system standard that helps you create systems by identifying systems and procedures for efficient energy management.
The standard defines the requirements for Environmental Management System. The organization's energy policy, important areas of energy management tools, programs, goals and assists in determining the application.

Which Firms are Suitable for ISO 16001 Energy Management System in Turkey?

ISO 16001 certification is suitable for all sectors. The size, the sector activities and geographical location of organizations do not have importance . However if you are directly relevant to the energy sector and greenhouse gas emissions have a number of obligations in respect of the need to comply with these standards we would strongly suggest that you take.

How to get 16001 Energy Management System Certification in Turkey?

You can learn from our organization (SISTEM KALITE ISO 16001 Energy Management System Certification ) which the most comprehensive information for obtaining documents or documents on the subject.

Required to have ISO 16001 certificate can be summarized as follows:

  1.  Firstly ISO 16001 certification is demanded to get  by our consulting firm.
  2. We will help you in creating and documenting BS EN 16001 energy management system.
  3. An audit plan is created and auditor is made an audit on a specified date that your and our organization will be determined. If the auditor has decided positive, the Institute starts processing internal approval procedure. Thus you may get ISO 16001 certification.

Contact SISTEM KALITE representative in local office as Istanbul ISO 16001 consulting office and Izmir ISO 16001 consulting office for further details. We offer you get support via SISTEM KALITE to improve customer service standards and complaint management with the implementation of ISO 16001.

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