ISO 10002 Paylaş

ISO 10002 in Turkey

ISO 10002 Customer Satisfactions a general needs of all businesses whether small or large. be translated into customer satisfaction. An organization could take advantages from customer complaints. If the organizations care about customer feedback , receives the customer complaints so problems will resolve effectively. 

Customer complaints are very important from three perspectives;

  • It leads to performance of manager and staff.
  • it guides to identify areas in your business where improve or remove the cause of complaints.
  • It is best indicator of an organization's performance.

Customer dissatisfaction can lead to customer losses. In this case, the customer searches for alternative routes. In terms of increased competition, loss of customers adversely affect the company. ISO 10002:2014 management system, increases your ability to protect your customers' continuity.

Why ISO 10002 in Turkey?

  • Ensures efficiency to identify and causes of complaints
  • Adopting a more customer-focused approach so customers' requests are simpler to identify.
  • Staff's performance will increase with new customer service training opportunities.
  • If you has already ISO 9001, yo may integrate ISO 10002 due to improve overall efficiency.
  • If you give importance complaints and ensure feedback so you will offer better services to next customer.

Which Organizations should Acquire the ISO 10002 Certificate in Turkey? 

ISO 10002 can be used by any organization, large or small, without considering of its areas of activity. In fact,the standard is need by many companies and organizations in the world.

How to Acquire ISO 10002 Certificate in Turkey ?

How to ISO 10002 Certificate get ? the most detailed answers to questions such as Quality System Certification Consultancy Testing and from our you can get organization. 

Firstly you apply our company. After the ISO 10002 application if you need analysis to our company, we  compare it with ISO 10002 requirements. This helps identify areas of customerSatisfactions.  After analysis you  will guide following steps;
  1. Document Inspection Stage (Stage 1 Audit)

Our company given the task by the Auditor, examined it meets the conditions for examining the documents. We will share the results of this investigation of our findings with you so that if we find gaps, you can close them.  If all the requirements are in place, we will then assess the implementation of the procedures and controls within your organization an we will make a plan.

  1. Audit Phase (Phase 2 Control)

Planned date checks are performed. Documents relating to system conditions and practices are audited. Inspectors describes the decision as positive or negative for all standard materials and certification unit by examining the audit findings. This decision is transmitted to the company. If the inspection team decides negative,  it could be closed the deficiency by instution. After that if the auditor has decided positive, the institue starts processing internal approval procedure. 

  1. Certification

When you have resulted in success the audit you will get an ISO 10002 certificate, which is valid for three years. We will stay in contact during this time, monitoring the system      at regular intervals so your system will continually improves.

Contact SISTEM KALITE representative in local office as Istanbul ISO 10002 consulting office, Izmir ISO 10002 consulting office for further details. We offer you get support via SISTEM KALITE to improve customer service standards and complaint management with the implementation of ISO 10002.

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