What is ISO 14001 

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification  operates in a production area; natural resources, plant and animal diversity and involving human and used them to be associated with each other. Also delivered to the consumer find the beginning of the production by taking into effect during the period until around stage for applying a systematic interactions.


ISO 14001 which is monitoring the effort against the periphery of an organization and is the process of the formation of a universal standard for the future with a sense of the other steps. Gradually growing world population, the destruction of the ecological environment, high and severe noise and environmental impacts more negatively. Beginning in 2000 and continuing environmental pollution and industrial development itself in the day to day. Environmental pollution has become a global problem.

It formed the International Standards Organization ISO 14000 standards in order to prevent environmental damage. Aim to eliminate damage to the environment or to minimize. Towards the completion of the lack of environmental factors and the manufacturing industry within which to comply with all legal regulations regarding environmental factors it is presented as a condition.

ISO 14001 Principles

ISO 14001 environmental management standard consists five main principles. This is the main principle of the system is installed according to the rules essential for the establishment of environmental management certificate. 

  1. Take Responsibility 
  2. System Coordinate
  3. Theoretical and Processing 
  4. Checking and regulatory 
  5. Analyzing the system 
ISO 14001 Benefits in Turkey

Benefits of ISO 14001 environmental management system

  • The quality of the firm's prestige is strengthened and increased the client's confidence.
  • It may open up new opportunities in markets and get ahead of the competitors.
  • Reduction of costs and improvement of cost planning ensures continuity rise.
  • More efficient use of natural resources and reduce costs in the production phase.
  • It raises the motivation of staff in the organization and allows you to stay connected to dry.
  • Waste which will be released to the environment is provided to come down to a minimum.
  • Environmental factors will create a sensitive corporate image.
  • Scratching the companies on the market helps to outflank the competition.
  • Providing that the crude material the use of carefully selected and natural resources sparingly.
  • The harmonies are increased environmental norms.
  • The certificate aims to protect the institution's natural standard.

How to Acquire a ISO 14001 Certification in Turkey ?
Getting the ISO 14001 in Turkey

For getting certificate first step is planning. It is determined by a system manager to establish a working team. This team will identify the environmental factors of the organization and legal ties rankings result. The staff is informed about the sensitivity and adequacy of the place where they are located. Determination of suitability against political and environmental goals of the institution or organization is made and a measure of the shape is created. This road is provided of whether the organization legally appropriate. Environmental factors and measuring methods are edilir.Bu inspection process by using agency certain time araklılar Development is the next step. If you were standing where it should be to improve this system which is determined. Determined solutions to the lack of need or missing parties.

Inspections are carried out to implement the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certificate and work continued improvement in facilities performing studies are carried out. The results of the study are presented in the report transmission to the next level. The storing and analyzing the organization of relevant documents is it a requirement to the system.

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